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To be a well-known brand in cable industry


As national key high-tech enterprise and one of China’s

top 500 manufacturing enterprises!


Wuxishi Huamei Cable Co.,Ltd

Sanmu Group is at the west bank of Lake Taihu in the western

suburb of Wuxi, with Ninghu Expressway, Yijin Highway and

Changyi Highway passing through, enjoying beautiful

environment and convenient transportation. Our company

mainly produces power cable with rated voltage of 35kV or

below, wire and cable for electrical equipment, control cable,

rubber cable, aerial stranded conductor, aerial insulated

cable, mine cable, marine cable, ready-made branch cable......

Aerial Insulated Cable

Solar PV Cable

Aerial Stranded Conductor

High Temperature Resistant Power Cable

Flame Retardant and Fire-proof Wire and Cable

PVC Insulated Power Cable

XLPE Insulated Power Cable

Rubber Jacketed Flexible Cable for Mining

Rubber Insulated Cable

Russian guests to visit our company
Along with the rapid development of China's wire and cable industry, increasing the number of new enterprises, the industry overall technological level has been greatly improved, also attracted a larg
Secretary of Yixing City Secretary Shen visited our company and guide the work
On the morning of September 21, 2017, Yixing Municipal Committee Shu Shenji and Guanlin Township party committee leaders and more than 10 people visited
Leisure time
July afternoon, weather boredom, in his spare time, at the time of impatient and Wuxi Huamei Cable Co., Ltd., Ganso cake with a little cooperation activities. In the afternoon resting time, sneak arra
The main craft wire and cable
Wires and cables through: drawing, stranding, covering three processes to produce finished, the more complex model specifications, the higher reproducibility.
The main market of wire and cable applications
Power system using an overhead wire and cable products are mainly bare wires, bus (bus), power cables (plastic cable, power cable greaseproof paper (basically been replaced by plastic power cable)
Wire and cable used in the calculation formula
Wire and cable used in the calculation formula
South Korea travels
South Korea travels—Warmly congratulate China and the United States Cable Marketing Manager went to Korea to triumph!
Make employees dignified
Recently, "Gardener" intoa" junior" cablecompany-Wuxi City, China and the United States Cable Co.,Ltd .
Leave room for a "Kung Fu"
Life contains a variety of philosophy of life, intentions experience, benefit from endless.